Ever wonder, how it feels 

Coaching can help.

Coaching is a guided programme that helps you find clarity on what matters most. Through self discovery, visualisations and powerful questioning, your coach will guide, encourage and challenge, to bring out the best version of you.

Coaching is not.

Mentoring: we will never suggest solutions based on our experience.

Counselling: we won't dwell on the past. We focus on the future, with a clear action plan!

Why is coaching relevent today?

Today is a time of uncertainty, it's a time of change, digital is eating up our attention and our jobs. Coaching can help you slow down and find focus on what really matters to you.

We are mutating into a digital human species.

The way we see the world through a digital lens makes us different to those who came before us. At claritas.me we understand the struggles of modern life and specialise in tackling these challenges.

We are a modern coaching practice, for the modern human. Through self discovery we help our clients find clarity.  We create a safe space for them to explore their world.  We help the modern homo sapiens find her path, reach her goals and fulfill her potential.

"For the past 15 years, I've been coaching and mentoring digital humans in all corners of the world. I am proud to bring to life claritas.me, a modern coaching practice for the modern human." Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Lead Coach and Founder.

We call ourselves new-gen coaches, because we understand the pressures of modern life.

We help our clients obtain results quickly and safely

This practice stems from experience built over the past 15 years: 

we have been around in different guises, since 2004.

We are career coaches and life coaches,

we're not convinced that there's a difference between the two.

We specialise in two coaching models:

"Grow": a short programme that helps our clients get from A to B quickly, particularly useful for practical challenges.

"Transform": a longer programme that takes our clients on a deep journey of self discovery and can truly transform lives.

We are trained by the International Coaching Federation,

which means that we adhere to ethical and professional guidelines dictated by the body that governs the coaching discipline globally.

We believe in a punchy type of coaching!

We don't drag things on - it's about getting to the point quickly and working on fast & effective resolutions!


Kick off session to run you through how it all works


We develop a coaching programme tailored to you


The work starts: 3/6 one to one sessions to get you where you need to be

Your digital safe space

our clients achieve success when they are in their safe space (not ours).

we embrace digital technology and run our sessions through video conferencing software such as zoom, skype or hangouts.

My name is Alessandra Di Lorenzo

(Ale for short).

I’ve been around since 2005, working hard on a digital career that has taken me onto to general management roles in the latest years.

I was born in Italy and grew up in the UK, that’s why this firm offers coaching programmes in Italian and English.

I have been coached throughout the years and have found it the most helpful experience. It has improved my life by giving me clarity on what really matters. This has in turn helped me get things under control and pushed me out of my comfort zone to reach my true potential.

I have recently completed my training with Full Circle Global ( a boutique coaching firm in London ) having obtained their coaching certificate and ICF trained coach status.

I bring this experience into claritas.me, a brand new coaching practice dedicated to digital humans, looking to get clear on what really matters.

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